Progress update:

Currently looking at “Get started in Swedish” chapter 1 conversation 1.

  • Wrote out breakdown of conversation looking at meaning of individual words and phrases
  • Listened to recorded conversation several times, trying to follow both Swedish version and English translation.
    • This is still a chore for me with Swedish, as I haven’t yet got my head around the slight differences in some of the sounds and simply recognising where words start and end isn’t obvious
      • For comparison, for say, French or Spanish, if I listened to a sentence, I probably wouldn’t spell any of the words correctly but the word boundaries would mostly be in the right places. For Swedish I couldn’t even place the word boundaries properly.
      • I’m hoping this is just a matter of repition and practise
      • Also, I only landed in the country today. I’m sure the jetlag isn’t helping.
  • Set up Swedish Twitter account and followed a couple of Swedish journalists.
    • Couldn’t set up Twitter on my phone because to do so I needed to verify my mobile number, which involved being called and read back a code in Swedish. I’m going to need to learn numbers to have any hope of getting this.

Todo for tomorrow: * Learn Swedish numbers * Finish setting up Twitter on my phone * Listen to and write out chapter 1 conversation 2 * Swedish Duolingo (mostly for help with the word boundaries thing)

Vocab from today: * jobbar - work * bra - good/fine/well (can be used in many contexts - e.g. That’s fine, have a good trip) * snart - soon * igen - again * tack - Thanks * Tack det samma - Thank you, the same to you (interesting how short this is in Swedish) * kommer - arrive * nästa vecka - next week