No update yesterday as I didn’t do anything other than duolingo and I didn’t have anything useful to add

Progress update

  • completed the duolingo section on plurals. Definitely seems harder than english where it’s just “chuck an s on the end and you’ll be right about 80% of the time”. The interactions with this and definite/indefinite articles are complicated
  • completed duolingo section on definites. this will also need a few more goes
  • “Du har överskridit antalet tillåtna försök att verifiera din telefon.” - Failed at verifying twitter too many times. Wh well.
  • Did excersise questions form Get started in swedish convewrsation 1.01. 2 mistakes, one incomplete answer.

Vocab i’m stuck on

  • Pojken - the boy
  • Kvinnorna - the women
  • Älgarna - the moose (plural)

(these are a problem because I haven’t learned all the plural forms in general yet)


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To do:

  • practise the plural and definite/indefinite forms a bit more